Noise and Vibration Health Management

An independent consultancy


Baloo Health is an independent consultancy that specialises in Noise and Vibration Health Management.

We offer assistance to OEM's on product manufactured marketing when looking at vibration or noise as a USP or general sales feature.
What makes Baloo Health different is that we've worked in every aspect of managing health in the workplace. We have vast experience working with small companies operating risks for a few operatives to multinational organisations managing exposure to thousands. Because of our knowledge at the front end of health management, this has enabled us to have a perspective; not many organisations can match.


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The benefits of this are that the product testing is independent and therefore can not be skewed. When this type of testing is carried out internally there can be problems, Baloo health can bring a fresh perspective processes to ensure our customer compliance with the Regs. is paramount

We can deliver the following:
Onsite Training
IOSH Accredited Courses
Product-specific training 


With a range of contacts across multiple types of industries, Baloo Health is in a position to assist with product testing in-situ and give real feedback as to the product's success. The benefits of this are that the product testing is independent and therefore, can no be skewed; when this type of testing is carried out internally, there can be problems as potential clients usually have a very good relationship with the OEM.

General noise and vibration management consultancy

All our consultants are experts in their field, not only do we offer onsite visits or remote online visits, but we also work with one of the leading consultancies in Noise and Vibration ASL Consultancy with whom we partner on projects and whom review our services and internal processesto ensure our compliance with the Regulations is paramount

Training, Information, Learning, and Instruction

Baloo Health can develop, deliver, and arrange training and instruction designed to be delivered to anyone anywhere. Our Training partners Training for Hire have worked with us for numerous years and are experts at creating and delivering engaging courses over a range of subjects.
TrainingIOSH Accredited CoursesProduct-specific training TILI system whereby we develop training courses online with the help of OEMs and in line with the correct training guidance issued by the HSE, NIOSH, and OSHA